Best Longbow Reviews 2017 – You Can Never Go Wrong With Our Picks

Best Longbow Reviews 2017

Traditional Longbows have been there for decades and even if crossbows have somehow taken over , They are still very useful in shooting competitions.

If you’re an archer or someone who just wants to have fun shooting longbows , then you must be on the market for the best longbows to buy. Look no more because in this article , I’m going to list the best longbow for the money. Read on :


Have a look at our carefully selected list of the best longbow for the money.

PictureLongbow NameBrandDraw WeightAmo LengthDiscounted Price
Martin Archery SavannahMARTIN ARCHERY40-65 pounds62 Inches
Bear Archery MontanaBEAR ARCHERY30-65 pounds
(for right hand)
45-55 pounds
(for left hand)
64 Inches
OMP Mountain Man SierraOCTOBER MOUNTAIN40-60 pounds68 Inches
SAS Pioneer LongbowSOUTHLAND ARCHERY SUPPLY35-55 pounds68 inches
Hungarian Style Handmade LongbowLONGBOW MAKER30 - 80 pounds57 Inches


Here’s a breakdown of the longbows we listed above. (Longbow Reviews)



Talk about a longbow with perfect combination of comfort and precision , then talk about the Martin Archery Savannah. This is the best longbow for the money , and also the best selling longbow by Martin Archery. This product will cost you more than $500 , but the price is not what makes it standout. The features & manufacturer’s reputation are the driving force that makes it the product to beat.

Why is it the best? : Unlike other longbows , the Martin Archery Savannah comes with “No Hand Shock” which eliminates the vibration (“Shock”) that occurs after shooting.

Features :

  • Hand Made : Just like every other top quality longbow , the Martin Savannah is hand made , crafted using Zebrawood and two Bubinga Core laminations to ensure durability.
  • No Hand Shock After Shooting : The force required to shoot an arrow could result in vibrations (“Shock”) that occur immediately after shooting. The Martin Archery Savannah complete eliminates this by using the riser of the bow to absorb the vibrations of the longbow.
  • Very Comfortable & Fast : With the high quality , hand crafted materials , good length & draw weight , the Savannah is very comfortable and shoots fast.

Specifications :

  • 40 to 65 lb. Draw Weight
  • 6.5in- 7.5in Brace Height
  • 1lb 7 oz. Mass Weight
  • 64in AMO String Length
  • Zebra Laminates

Benefits (PROS) : 

  • No Hand Shock
  • Its Silent
  • Comes with Flemish bowstring
  • Package comes with quiver, arrows, field points, glove or tab, arm guard, and other accessories
  • Fast & Very Comfortable on hand

Cons :

  • Price is on the high side
  • The bow length maybe short for you.

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Second on the list is Bear Archery Montana , one of the oldest and most popular Longbows on the market. Launched in the 1990’s , Bear Montana was designed by Grant Neil Byce II , a long time bowyer at Bear Archery. Its reflexed design , tapered limb lamination, leather grip, and slim tips makes it one of the best longbow on the market.

Why is it second on the list ? : We found out that the draw weight is a little difficult to pull , which is unlike other longbows , especially the Martin Archery Savanna with one of the easiest pull.




Benefits of this Longbow :

Future Wood :

Bear Archery introduced Future Wood in the 1970’s due to request from customers wanting natural hardwood.

Futurewood is made of a pressurized vacuum which fills all the natural pores in the wood, increasing its weight and greatly strengthening it. This makes it very difficult for the longbow to crack or break.

Easy To Use :

This longbow is built for both Experts & Beginners and can be used with both Right and Left hands.

Very Comfortable :

If you care a lot about comfortabiity , the the Bear Montana is a perfect match. Its Maple wood and fiberglass helps protect the limbs , ensuring a more firm grip and comfortability.

Specifications :

  • Length: 64″ AMO.
  • Includes Dynaflight 97 Flemish string.
  • Riser is made of black Hard-Rock Maple.
  • Leather grip – the leather “shoot off the shelf” arrow rest allows for clean arrow flight.
  • Limbs – overlaid with clear white maple, backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Easy to use by experts & beginners
  • Strong and very durable
  • Very comfortable on Right & Left Hand.


  • Depending on which hand you use , it could be a little too hard to draw. Right Hand has a draw weight of 30 – 60 lbs , while Left Hand has draw weight of 45 – 55 lbs.

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